One hundred years after the original lawn bowling courts opened in Hazelwood Park in New Bedford, a group of residents wanted to restore this play feature to bring more positive use to the park. Working with the city, irrigation designer Brian Vinchesi, and Natural Resource Services for soil testing, Tim explored the fallow courts. Extensive test pits found fully functioned clay drainage tile, a course stone “coke” layer, and at least twelve inches of a screened growing media. Tim visited courts from Central Park in NY to Vancouver, BC researching design and maintenance standards as this was the first “new” lawn bowling courts built in New England in possibly 75 years. Modern courts are flat with no grade or pitch, so setting the finished grade with the surrounding landscape was integral. Courts were sized for multiple lanes in either direction on the two courts to spread wear. Courts are also sized for croquet use. Utilizing the existing growing media allowed for the budget to be stretched and lighting to be installed. New drain lines anchored a new irrigation system. The custom wood gutter system allowed for ADA and mowing equipment access. The courts opened in the summer of 2022.

NPR story: Reviving the Lost Tradition

Hazelwood Park